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Our Programs

M.N.C.H.Human Rights
Community DevelopmentCitizenship & Democracy
Arts & CultureDisaster Response & Recovery
Personal Health Record
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The WellBeing Foundation was founded by Toyin Saraki, The First Lady of Kwara State , Nigeria to reverse the vicious cycle of poverty in the society by easing its less privileged members into a state of wellbeing, which in her opinion is "a satisfactory condition of existence in health, happiness and prosperity".

The Foundation is encouraged by the philosophy of the great writer, Elie Wiesel that

 If someone suffers and keeps silent, it can be a good silence. If someone suffers and
I keep silent, then it is destructive silence. We are responsible for one another.
I am responsible for his or her suffering, for his or her destiny 

While The WellBeing Foundation has national coverage on the issue of maternal and infant health, Alaafia Kwara has since 2003 brought several initiatives and interventions to make life better for the people of Kwara State.