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Citizenship & Democracy

The Children's Parliment

The Kwara State Children's Parliment

Cutting the Nigeria Anniversary cake

Cutting the Nigeria Anniversary cake

The Kwara State Children's Parliment

The WellBeing Foundation has encouraged the establishment of the Children's Parliament which is the official voice of the children can be described as a major achievement recorded in the effort to inculcate in the Nigeria child, the value of dialogue and collective participation that would prepare them for leadership roles in the future.

Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the CRA 2003 uphold the participatory rights of children in all issues that affect their welfare and wellbeing. The Children's parliament was inaugurated to provide a forum for children between the ages of 10 - 18 years to express themselves on issues affecting them and the country.

The government has recently recognized the Nigeria Children's Parliament as a unifying tool where children are called upon to present their views on issues that concern them. These parliamentarians are building life skills and leadership qualities that will contribute to their effectiveness as leaders of tomorrow. Executive Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Bukola Saraki signed the Rights bill to law in Dec. 2006.


The Motto of the Nigeria Children's Parliament is:

  with Children, for Children and for Nigeria  

Article 1


  1. To develop skills for good governance and responsible citizenship among Nigeria Children.
  2. To enhance child participation principles as enshrined in the Child Rights ACR (CRA) and other legal instruments on Children.
  3. To encourage advocacy and sensitization of stakeholders on violence, exploitation and all forms of abuse against the child.
  4. To equip Nigeria children for future challenges and ensure networking and experience sharing.
  5. to encourage advocacy by children against child abuse, child labour and molestation

In Kwara State, there are fifty-four (54) members in the House constituting of three (3) members from each of 16 LGAS of the state, three (3) from the WellBeing Foundation sponsored schools and three (3) members from the school for Special Needs. These members were elected at the Local Government levels and they represent their LGAs at the State level.

The principal posts of the Parliament are:- the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, the Clerk, the House Leader, the Deputy House Leader, the Chief-whip and the Sergeant at Arms

From these selected members, two (2) members from the State Parliament represent the State at the Nigeria Children's Parliament at Abuja. They are: Miss Ayodeji Adumula & Master Quawiyi Oladado their activities are coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Abuja.

The activities of the second (2nd) set of the Kwara State Children Parliamentarians since inauguration are:-

I. Courtesy calls on His and Her Excellencies to intimidate them of their activities and soliciting for support from them.

II. Courtesy call to the State House of Assembly and to watch proceedings at the floor of the House.

III. The Nigeria Children's parliament members in Kwara were also involved in the following activities:

a) Visited children at the Sobi Specialist Hospital and gave them gifts.

b) Courtesy call to Kwara Chief Judge and request for the establishment of a family Court in the State

c) Attended quarterly sittings at the National Children's Parliament sittings in Abuja; usually sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.


South Carolina Black History Month

The WellBeing Foundation as part of its citizenship and democracy programme was recently part of the Black History Month of Columbia, South Carolina, United States. The event opened a new vista in our relationship with the black in the Diaspora all of who were pleased to receive the President/ Founder of the Foundation and her entourage. They learnt new things about Nigeria and new opportunities for co-operation between Nigeria and the State of South Carolina are being explored at the moment.

Initiating First Nigerian Day at Port Regis, England

Until now, pupils of these schools with Nigerian descent felt left out of activities in the schools because so many other nationals have observed days attached to their country. WBF's intervention brought up the idea of the Nigerian day and this has instilled a sense of pride and citizenship in all the children in the school as all attention was paid to everything Nigeria(from dresses to food and arts and culture) on that day.

Beijing Visit
Beijing Visit

Beijing Visit

Beijing Visit

As part of the entourage of the late former President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, His Excellency, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, Founder of WBF, Mrs Toyin Saraki visited China to explore ways in which collaboration with organizations in China would impact on the lives of Nigerians.

Mrs Saraki discussed with leaders of the All-China Women Federation (ACWF), a mass organization dedicated to the advancement of Chinese women of all ethnic groups from all walks of life on the following areas:

  • Protecting women's rights and interests and promoting affirmative action
  • Increasing the participation of women in education, representation, Service and Liaison.
  • As well as designing a program for women to learn and compete in the knowledge and technical skills they have gained.
  • To help rural women catch up with economic development in rural areas.

Discussions are ongoing about collaboration with members of this association on attaining these goals and many more which will promote the value of the woman to the development of the Nigerian society.


KSANG 2010 Conventiont
KSANG 2010 Convention

KSANG 2010 Convention

KSANG 2010 Convention

As part of it citizenship and democracy program, WBF’s Founder/ President met with members of the Kwara State Association Nigeria (KSANG) Seattle chapter when they held their 2010 Convention. She discussed the need for indigenes in the Diaspora to come together and work for the development of the state. Most of them are willing to contribute their quota to the development of Kwara. Mrs Saraki also met with youth and children of Kwara State origin in the State of Seattle, encouraging them to strive for excellence while employing the virtues of hard work, patience and tolerance.