The Wellbeing Foundation (WBF) in collaboration with the Office of the First Lady, Kwara State convened this national conference on the 24th -25th of May, 2010 as an arena for reflection and dialogue between government and non- governmental organizations on the state of implementation of the child rights law across the states. The dialogue presented a forum for participants to present their experiences ideas, analyze and discuss development of policies and practices that safeguard children’s rights.

The dialogue focused on the promotion of children’s rights through:

  • Implementing legislative frameworks and setting new standards if necessary
  • Elaborating comprehensive policies that integrate all children needs and address root causes of children distress.
  • Reviewing and building institutional framework for the promotion and protection of child rights.
  • Launching awareness campaigns, producing education material and providing training.
  • Promoting networks and exchange of good practices.

During the two day event, the forum reviewed the implementation of the child rights law nationwide with specific focus on policy and institutional, promotional and enforcement mechanism; Promoting Best Practices: Perspectives from Non- Nigerian experiences and shared strategies for placing issues of children rights on the agenda of the Governors’ forum as well as developed an agenda for joint collaboration and action amongst state and non-state actors.