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Our Programs

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Community Development

WBF is the Nigerian and African partner of Village Earth (The Consortium for Sustainable Village-based Development). The pilot program of this new alliance will be in Kwara State, where the Village Earth model RAUs will be provided to bring development closer to the people.

 This partnership aims to address global poverty by bridging the gulf between the two thirds of the
world's population that live in poverty and the technical, financial, social and informational
resources enjoyed by the remaining one-third of the population 

This participatory approach will provide access to resources in the areas of education, agriculture, private enterprise, water supply, environment and sanitation, social welfare, safety and security, vocational training and micro credit.

Wellbeing Foundation / Village Earth Resource Access Units (RAU) and Service Centers

WBF is committed to providing opportunities for our communities in achieving United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs ). The poverty-stricken people of the world have the innate ability to bring themselves out of poverty.

  • The Resource Access Unit (RAU) is the basic organisational tool for development. Each RAU is a crtical mass of approximately 50,000 people.

  • Each RAU has a Service Center to provide to the resources that are required for sustainable village development.

  • Included in each Service Center is the Appropriate Technology Library.

  • In addition to each Service Center is an International Service Center at the Village Earth Headquarters which can be accessed at any time to find effective approaches to specialized problems.

  • The Service Center also serves as a Training and Development Center , and as a meeting place for villagers to gather, interact, and discuss development ideas, projects and programs.

  • The Service Center becomes self-sufficient as it helps the villagers to produce goods and services that can be exported for income, and as carefully selected villagers are trained and gain experience in financing and operating the Service Center.

  • A very important component of the Service Center is the advisory and support system for a Micro Credit Program, enabling the villagers to become part of an international producer and consumer market.

  • This model sets the stage for the villages to become self-sustaining in a relatively short time.

The WBF / Village Earth model is thus one of participatory processes for sustainable development. The local people organize and plan their own programs to take themselves out of poverty. Once the villagers have gone through this process, they identify with and own the solutions. This process will also complement and build a Collaborative NGO Network, thereby enhancing impact of a Collaborative Global Village Network.

One of the dreams of her excellency is to bring cheap and affordable health care to all the citizens of Kwara State. This dream was recently realized when , in collaboration with Hygeia Nigeria and the Dutch Health Insurance Fund, Alafia Kwara accomplished its first resourse access unit/health point at Bacita junction in the Moro Local Government area of the state. The well-equipped and ultra modern health faciilty caters for the health needs of thousands of people from twenty-five communities around the area. It is equipped with internet facilities and a post office which link these communities to the outside world.

The Wellbeing Foundation's dream is to replicate this facilty in every local government of the state!

Although the health of the people of Kwara State is paramount to H.E. Mrs Saraki her non-governmetal organisation, she believes in creating a complete civil society where citizens are empowered to actualize themselves. Alaafia Kwara therefore works in other areas like the ARTS AND CULTURE.

Arts and culture is yet another area that has received enormous support from the Alaafia Kwara. The performing Arts Department ofthe University of Ilorin and the State Council for Arts and culture has become veritable vehicles for the information dessemination within and without the State. The organisation is currently raising funds to sponsor the groups and Pelewura Musical Group (a traditional music and dance band). This is part of the eforts to export our culture.