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Our Programs

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Lifestream Charity: Heart Patient

Lifestream Charity: Heart Patient

Distribution of Maternity Packs

H. E. Mrs Saraki leading members of the Kwara State Official Wives Association to present maternity packs to pregnant women in the state as part of efforts by the association to reduce Maternal and Infant Death in the State.

M.N.C.H. - Maternal Newborn and Child Health

WBF aims at accessible and affordable health care for everyone. Its programmes encourage proper nutrition, adequate immunization and preventive healthcare for the populace particularly those in the rural communities. Some of these programmes are highlighted below:

Advocacy on Maternal Health and Child Survival

In the past few years, Mrs. Saraki has been worried about the frightening incidence of Maternal and Infant mortality in Nigeria. She has therefore championed several advocacy moves on this front. She has hosted several meetings of stakeholders in family health and has also attended several conferences aimed at improving maternal and child health within and outside Nigeria.At one of these conferences titled; "Women Deliver" in October 2007, she spoke at a forum organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on the various medical and socio-cultural reasons why the sad occurrence of maternal and infant mortality persists in Nigeria. She also nudged donor agencies on the need to be properly focused in their areas of intervention and give priority to the needs of communities where such programmes are to be initiated. Our Founder believes that the education of children, be they boys or girls is the key to the emancipation of our people from lack, want and disease. Through her lectures and newspaper articles, she has continued to advocate the education, empowerment of women and the integration of issues affecting the health of women and children as fundamental to reducing maternal and infant mortality.

White Ribbon Alliance. H.E. Mrs Oluwatoyin Saraki, H.E. Patience Faka Jonathan, First Lady of Nigeria

White Ribbon Alliance. H.E. Mrs Toyin Saraki, H.E. Patience Faka Jonathan, First Lady of Nigeria



Towards the attainment of Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5, Her Excellency is currently partnering with the Federal Ministry of Health and other development partners in several areas including the institution of adequate data collation mechanism in the health system. She has vowed that the attainment of these MDG goals and the reduction of mortalities and morbidities will continue to be her commitment until the goals are reached.

The White Ribbon Alliance, The Global Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and the Pediatrics Association of Nigeria, are some of the regular partners of WBF work on maternal and child health.

Children's Room

Donation of medical equipment to the Children's Specialist Hospital

Children's Room

Children's Room


Renovation of Children's Specialist Hospital , Centre Igboro, Ilorin.

In Kwara State , WBF through kwara wellbeing trust (Alaafia kwara) has undertaken the renovation of the Children Specialist Hospital, Centre Igboro, providing amongst others:

  • Borehole for a source of clean pipe-borne water, hitherto unavailable.
  • Children's Ward (fully equipped)
  • Isolation Ward (fully equipped)
  • Doctor Consulting Room
  • Nurses Bay
  • Mosquito Netting throughout facility
  • Bathrooms in Maternity Unit
  • Donation of an Ambulance

Partnership with to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

The Foundation has partnered with the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital in the past five years. This relationship has been the foundation supporting the hospital in several ways including funding, the treament of patients and donation of medical equipment. Some of these equipments inlude;

  • Neonatal rescuscitation units
  • Infant pulse oximeters

WBF is currently doing fundraising to provide a dialysis machine for renal patients at this facility.

Health Center, Igboro: Donation of a refurbished ambulance

Health Center, Igboro: Donation of a refurbished ambulance

Emergency Medical Assistance

There are cases with financial demand which exceed what the Indigent Scheme can cope with. Ten such cases have been treated. They were ailments ranging from heart disease and orthopeadic defects to other deformities. Some of these cases have been sponsored on reformative surgery trips to countries like India, Israel, South Africa and Ghana.


As part of WBF’s long time ideals of seeking partnerships for effective strategies for the reduction of Maternal Newborn and child Mortality, Founder/President of WBF, Mrs Toyin Saraki on May 13, 2010 attended the Vibrant Africa Gala of The Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF). The event held at the Natural History Museum, London.

To support the fund raising event, WBF made a donation of 3650 GBP which will assist AMREF in the following areas:

Gala of The Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), The Natural History Museum, London.

Gala of The Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), The Natural History Museum, London.

  • Help AMREF save and transform more lives in Africa
  • Support AMREF to train more health workers across Africa
  • Bring health care closer to the vulnerable Africa communities
  • Influencing health policies and practices in Africa
  • Also assist people from dying of preventable and treatable diseases
  • Assist AMREF to strengthen health systems by focusing on different components needed to deliver effective health care

List of MNCH Conferences and Workshops

The WellBeing Foundation has hosted and sponsored a couple of meeting and conferences which were aimed at building the capacity of stakeholders in MNCH in Nigeria. We have also attended and sponsored some experts to conferences within and outside Nigeria. Some of these are:

  • MNCH Stakeholders Forum, Abuja, 2007
  • PHRB Harmonisation meeting, Ilorin, 2007
  • Women Deliver Conference, London, 2007
  • Annual Scientific Conference, ARD, UITH, Ilorin 2007
  • Countdown, to 2015 South Africa
  • Meeting of National Champions, 2009
  • Joint Harmonisation Task Force on MNCH Meeting, 2009
  • Paediatric Association of Nigeria Conference(PANCOF), 2010