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Annual Scrabble Competition

Scrabble Board

This annual compeition among secondary students was initated by the Wellbeing Foundation and the Nigerian Scrabble Federation as a radical literacy/numeracy initiative also targeted at encouraging the spirit of healthy competition among these students who are also ready for the outside world. It started with a train the trainers' workshop in which English and games teachers in 16 secondary schools in the state were taken through the rudiments of the game of scrabble. Equipment for the games was distributed to the schools for them to prepare for the competiion form which a champion will emerge all over the state. The foundation hopes that we would also be able to build players who will build careers in the games of scrabble with the initiative.

Scrabble is a richly rewarding, educative and social experience for everyone who comes across it. Over the years it has proven to be a useful educaitonal toool in schools across the globe. The advantages are immediately obivious. While playing, the person is in constant contact with words and consciously has to build up his or her vocabulary and spelling proficiency, often to a level that is above average. Scrabble is a game that constantly tasks the minds of the players as they form interlocking words on the playing board, using their tiles in combinations and locations to take advantage of letter values on the board. As a prelude to the first Scrabble Competition, the foundation organsied a training exerciser for Games masters and English teachers across the 16 local governments of Kwara State.