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Our Programs

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Social Welfare, Safety and Security

 There is a place in our world where everyone can be all that they have been created to be. 

Donation of Wheelchairs

Donation of wheelchairs

We have a mission to make people's lives better; to encourage, enable, empower and inspire; to comfort those in sorrow and distress, to rejoice in times of triumph over sickness, poverty and lack of opportunity.

We support the development of socio-economic self -sustainability of our rural populace; we are committed to securing the optimum rights of access to health, education, nutrition, enterprise, shelter, utilities, support and security to our people to ensure total eradication of poverty.

The quest starts here and the reality will be carried on in the hearts of our people from generation to generation.

Initiatives and Interventions

Children's' Reception Centre, Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin.

WellBeing Foundation undertook a full renovation and equipping of this pre existing government-owned home established for the care of orphans, abandoned children, children of the mentally disabled and children whose parents cannot otherwise take care of them. This intervention included interior and exterior structural repairs and the provision of bedrooms, bathroom play / day room and kitchen facilities. has also set up general social welfare work, advice and counselling. The foundation is in the forefront of the battle against Anti child labour/trafficking, advocacy against abandonment of infants and children.

Support and Counselling in Multiple Births

Abuja bomb blast - a survivor's son

Abuja bomb blast - a survivor's son

WellBeing Foundation provides ante-natal and post natal advice and support in these cases, including practical advice on avoiding the attendant dangers of premature delivery, and financial support where needed.

Disaster Response and Relief

The WellBeing Foundation makes every attempt to prepare our communities with strategies for disaster response and relief. Our members respond personally in cases of urgent need with a helping hand and a listening ear. READ MORE >>


H.E. Mrs Saraki visiting HMP Pentonville

H.E. Mrs Saraki visiting HMP Pentonville

Visit to HMP Pentonville

Founder/President of WBF, Toyin Saraki visited HMP Pentonville with Only Connect, a charity organization working with prisoners and ex-prisoners in London. She was met by Emma Kruger, Director of Only Connect and Karen Elgar, Deputy Governor of HMP Pentonville. The visit was to see how prisons are run in the United Kingdom and what lessons could be learnt. She met with Nigerian inmates and promised that The WellBeing Foundation would send Nigerian Newspapers to Nigerian prisoners to update them of the current happenings in Nigeria. She then donated 5000GBP to support the organization.